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July 10, 2012


How to Duplicate Items in Skyrim! (PS3, Xbox 360 and PC)

THIS IS ONLY FOR ALL APPAREL! If you have any questions please comment below or PM me! I’ll try and help you out if I can! Subscribe if you thought this was useful!
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  1. pdunklau
    Jul 10 2012


  2. hardyboy759
    Jul 10 2012

    I Did? The Trick But With The Gold In My Inventary

    Jul 10 2012

    I think its? patched

  4. snow8926ify
    Jul 10 2012

    how did you do? that?

  5. theman2664
    Jul 10 2012

    well when i tried it my set of nightingale armor was still? enchanted

  6. hardyboy759
    Jul 10 2012

    I’m Going To Duplicate Gold… I’m Going To Be? Rich¡¡¡¡ :fu:

  7. motherofgod4
    Jul 10 2012

    It will always be un enchanted when you get the duplicate from? the mannequin.

  8. theman2664
    Jul 10 2012

    thanks, but how can i get an unenchanted piece of special armor like i want to re-enchant the nightingale? armor

  9. motherofgod4
    Jul 10 2012

    Delete? your old updates for the game, and yes it will work.

  10. theman2664
    Jul 10 2012

    oh and if anyone can answer this i would gladly subscribe to? them

  11. theman2664
    Jul 10 2012

    i did the glitch and i tried it again and it wouldnt work, any help? also can i use this? glitch on special items like nightingale or maybe ebony mail or something like that?

  12. michaelandreassowden
    Jul 10 2012

    Will it still work? with dawnguard installed

  13. fluffsack
    Jul 10 2012

    i tryed this with ebony armour in my house at riften.
    nothing happend ?

  14. disco2603
    Jul 10 2012

    is not patched yet i just? did it

  15. MrTBaginz
    Jul 10 2012

    I think so yes

  16. boricua4ver
    Jul 10 2012

    is this? patched yet?

    Jul 10 2012

    if ur wanting to get? the 100.000 cold achievement just duplicate the ogmah infunim

  18. Fred Owen
    Jul 10 2012

    –or what? is the quest 4 the maniken in dark brood

  19. Fred Owen
    Jul 10 2012

    How do you get the? maniken?? sorry bit of a noob -_-

  20. TheSexyHuntres86
    Jul 10 2012

    How do you dupe regular items? Like ingots &? arrows & stuff.

  21. xXHSharpXx
    Jul 10 2012

    Yes. Pathced?

    Jul 10 2012

    Pathced??? or am i? doing it wrong

  23. johnford9563
    Jul 10 2012

    Awesome I did my nightingale armor and got it than tryed a ring? came back and found a white nightingale hood.

  24. josephsierra16
    Jul 10 2012

    thats hella gay it said how to duplicate items not armor i already seen a video about that.?

  25. NeonKizen
    Jul 10 2012

    Its not patched.?

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