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January 17, 2011


How To Download, Copy + Burn XBOX 360 Games Onto DVD Discs – XBOX 360 Hack Games!

XBOX-Games.BestReviewed.Net – Go here and sign up to start downloading games in a few minutes from now ok. This is a great site I go to so I can download XBOX 360 games. I have been playing these games online without any problems for a while now. There is a one time fee to access the site but it is really worth it to save so much money on broken games. The site shows you how to STEALTH PATCH your games so you don’t get banned from XBOX Live, this is VERY important. You need to burn the games on to 8.5GB DVDs, which cost about each, and you can get them anywhere. You can play all your old games and still get achievements of course. NO Mod Chips were necessary for this!!! This is an software xbox 360 hack. I can play on XBOX Live as well, there’s no problem. The site above shows you how to do all this and allows you to play on XBOX Live without ever being banned by stealth patching your games and alerting you to XBOX Live scans. If you do it the proper way you won’t be banned. Learn where and how to download xbox 360 games from the site, perform an xbox 360 hack (flash your drive), STEALTH PATCH the games (for play on XBOX Live), and burn or copy the games. You’ll probably have working downloaded games by tomorrow. Stop spending your money on each game individually, seriously guys. Check out this site for more info.

How to unlock hair styles for your avatar on xbox60 and u get clothes with it.sorry about the bad graphics.
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  1. xbox360downloads2
    Jan 17 2011

    PS also guys this site will send you messages letting you know if XBOX live scans are active, so that you don’t ever get banned!

  2. xbox360downloads2
    Jan 17 2011

    hey guys please read the description and watch the videos before posting questions that have already been answered! Thanks!

  3. xbox360downloads2
    Jan 17 2011

    yes i’m pretty sure that i mentioned that you can play on xbox live, in my description at least. the site shows you how to patch the game file before you burn it to disc so that xbox live can’t detect you’re playing a burned copy.

  4. Vincent10z
    Jan 17 2011

    can you play on xbox live????

  5. mdku22
    Jan 17 2011

    $35 for unlimited $120 games = good deal

  6. xbox360downloads2
    Jan 17 2011

    not modded – just flashed. you don’t need to solder anything or add a mod chip into your system. this site shows you what you need to do to flash it, depending on the drive that came with your xbox (they have changed the type of DVD drive that comes with the XBOX over the past few years).

  7. xbox360downloads2
    Jan 17 2011

    yea the site shows you how to do it. its not like mod chipping or anything.

  8. Bulk02
    Jan 17 2011

    does ur xbox need to be flashed?

  9. AznGangsta2297
    Jan 17 2011

    so, do i have to do anything to my xbox to play free games? cuz people say you need a modded 360 to play your burn games

  10. xbox360downloads2
    Jan 17 2011

    well they use clickbank to process their orders, which is a very well trusted company, and other than that everything worked out perfectly for me.

  11. xbox360downloads2
    Jan 17 2011

    its only 35 bucks… youre welcome to try and find a better way but I doubt that you will. Half than the price of one game for all the games you want is a good deal bud

  12. wwariahan
    Jan 17 2011

    dvd r

  13. wwariahan
    Jan 18 2011

    how can i trust the website?

  14. xbox360downloads2
    Jan 18 2011

    yea you can

  15. hoang352
    Jan 18 2011

    can u still play xbox 360 games without being download

  16. xbox360downloads2
    Jan 18 2011

    umm theres a few i;ve used.. the site recommends clonecd or dvd decrypter and they both work well

  17. teamshortfuse
    Jan 18 2011

    k but what program you used to burn the games…

  18. xbox360downloads2
    Jan 18 2011

    DVD dual layered discs are what the xbox takes

  19. teamshortfuse
    Jan 18 2011

    what kind of cds do i need to use…

  20. excelsior44386
    Jan 18 2011

    very cool I actually just got this too, it works really well and I didn’t have to mod chip.

  21. thescooterkid222
    Jan 18 2011

    u get the costum with the hack!

  22. TheLaserIdiotsSTICKS
    Jan 18 2011

    You said you could get the costume one but you don’t explain how, So how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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