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February 16, 2012


Beini 1.2.1 WiFi Hacking Linux Distro

EDIT: DOWNLOAD FIXED: 01/26/12 Description With the wireless networks (IEEE 802.11) devices proliferate, wireless network security issues become the focus of attention. Beini is used for wireless network security assessment of a system. Beini?A wireless network security testing system,it is based on Tiny Core Linux. Crack any WEP network in a matter of minutes just burn the ISO on a CD or use unetbootin to install on a 1GB or bigger USB stick. A compatible Wireless card for linux and monitor mode are needed. Download: Look for Beini.rar you will need WinRAR to open the RAR file inside in the ISO you need to burn the ISO using nero or whatever program you use to burn ISO’s google how to burn ISO Had to move my files since all the file sharing sites are blocking people from being able to download stuff. check out for the official site.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Follow my twitter: As I’m planning on doing some more tutorials very soon. 03/02/2012 Having Trouble Using Tamper Data??? Here is a tutorial on how to use it all questions will be asked. You need The internet Browser Firefox. which you can get here and tamper Data which u can get here If you liked this tutorial please take time to visit these sites below. http _______________________________________________ Hacking,Crazy,xxx,Runescape,Gaia,Sherwood,Hacks,Haker,Keylog,Viruses,Windows,Xp,Mac,Macintosh,Linux,Mozzila,Firefox,Ie,Internet explorer,Stunts,Shit,Dumbass,Stupid,Codes,C++,Tutorials,Visual Basics,Microsoft,Apple,Os,Vista,Moparscape,Cheats,Cheat,Animals,Funny,Animal,Jackass, This video also teaches you the basic of using tamper data. You can use this for many other things. Happy tampering
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. hichem323
    Feb 16 2012

    je ne trouve pas la carte resaux aider moi svp

  2. PhaFreTv
    Feb 16 2012

    @PhiberOptics what u mean a good word list can crack wpa? is it use for do with wpa? how can? I install it?and how to use it ? can you help us? and my laptop wireless is not detecting name or driver into beini. I don’t see the name of wireless Wlan0………………………. help thanks from malaysia

  3. davidangelmorin
    Feb 16 2012

    send me email have a few question?

  4. davidangelmorin
    Feb 16 2012

    how can? i use a extranel antana

  5. robinjashy
    Feb 16 2012

    Wifi password Cracking App? Ipa and? Apk what this Vid ? watch?v=KNP5DByVsAU

  6. PhiberOptics
    Feb 16 2012

    @zkyevolved Yes, I used Virtual? Machine only because you can’t record what your doing on that.

  7. zkyevolved
    Feb 16 2012

    @BaXyW He used a? virtual machine. Not the boot up method he’s endorsing.

  8. zkyevolved
    Feb 16 2012

    You’re using? a virtual machine. You didn’t boot up into the OS. Right?

  9. BillsTechShop
    Feb 16 2012

    I don’t know about everyone else but I couldn’t get this to? work for me. I now use a very simple app from w.w.w.MobileWiFiHack.c.o.m – It also costs nothing. Check out this tutorial … /watch?v=mEswQE5IMhs He showed me step by step how to set it up and get hacking some wifi!

  10. davidangelmorin
    Feb 16 2012

    can it work on a usb drive
    make a bootable cd so it can work? on extrenal antana

  11. TheTontolow
    Feb 16 2012

    i can’t hack wpa.. can someone tell me how??

  12. EpicKiller91
    Feb 16 2012

    nvm got it?

  13. EpicKiller91
    Feb 16 2012

    How do input in the usb and how do i start? it up

  14. PhiberOptics
    Feb 16 2012

    @noregrettvb Cracks WEP’s networks it can crack WPA/WPA2 but you need a good wordlist.?

  15. noregrettvb
    Feb 16 2012

    this thing can really hack? wifi, no lies??

  16. PhiberOptics
    Feb 16 2012

    @noregrettvb There is a file inside the RAR file called a ISO you need a program that can burn ISO’s like Magic ISO or Nero You can’t just burn the file it has to be burned on a disc as a bootable disk which is why you need a program that can burn ISO’s If you burn it the wrong way it won’t boot when you ? are starting up the computer your wanting to use it on.

  17. noregrettvb
    Feb 16 2012

    exactly which file do u burn on to a disk??

  18. PhiberOptics
    Feb 16 2012

    @noregrettvb Burn the ISO Using Nero or however you normally burn a ISO file….? What don’t you understand about it? I believe its in a RAR file so you need WinRAR to open the RAR file and then drag the ISO out of the RAR file and burn the ISO purrrrrrday simple…

  19. noregrettvb
    Feb 16 2012

    file too? confusing, please help

  20. donspew
    Feb 16 2012

    Nice instructions? especially for a newbie like me hehe

  21. PhiberOptics
    Feb 16 2012

    Wireless card might not be supported thats why some chipsets are? not supported on linux.

  22. BaXyW
    Feb 16 2012

    haw can i turn on my wireless card ( min? 2:00)
    doesn’t work

  23. PhiberOptics
    Feb 16 2012

    @Jace919NC You? need to burn the ISO on a CD using Nero or something that will burn a ISO

  24. Jace919NC
    Feb 16 2012

    @PhiberOptics Hey whats up bro, I have a question for you… how do you set up the ios File and the Beini together??? ? I have no clue at the moment on how to Set them up could you do a video tutorial on how to Set the two programs up??? I would appreciate the Help thanks

  25. PhiberOptics
    Feb 16 2012

    @tooproguy Fail pointless video unless you like? listening to retarded music how do you learn from videos that have shitty music in them?

  26. sandpup321
    Feb 16 2012

    @LordApep It may not be the right post-data box – But if it is the right one you may just have to scroll along and find the data somewhere. Tell me what game it is and I’ll have a look – Sorry for the long reply – I’ve? been inactive and this video was made when I was like 13

  27. sandpup321
    Feb 16 2012

    @jimmysl1 It doesn’t work on all games. What game is it and I’ll? have a look for you :)

  28. jimmysl1
    Feb 16 2012

    i cant find post_data to change? my score:) nice,,

  29. lXAeR0SpAc3Xl
    Feb 16 2012

    There is no fucking button? that says “tools” Just a big orange Firefox button…

  30. firendable
    Feb 17 2012

    is it real or is it? just for show?

  31. HackandRandomShit
    Feb 17 2012

    @tuttar3 lol soo? rite what a fail

  32. RyanBoyling
    Feb 17 2012

    Thanks? :)

  33. klaarover123456789
    Feb 17 2012

    @SaudiSpirit Hmm hard times when you can’t even afford a real domain and use? a .TK to scam

  34. LordApep
    Feb 17 2012

    Having 1 problem though, the text in POST_DATA isnt just text, its like a code/ascii or? something like that.. what do i do then ??

  35. tuttar3
    Feb 17 2012

    Hacker fail -> You use apple?

  36. PeterHatYai2008
    Feb 17 2012

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  38. saibertoo
    Feb 17 2012

    Nice Mac Theme…? 😉

  39. vladimirws
    Feb 17 2012

    @sandpup321 how would i use this for mac? i dont know how

    Feb 17 2012

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    Feb 17 2012

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  42. InfectedGuppy606
    Feb 17 2012

    @sandpup321? i have both

  43. InfectedGuppy606
    Feb 17 2012

    :D? YAY!

  44. uguudei1
    Feb 17 2012

    does this download make? any troubles or problems?

  45. momox3chelly
    Feb 17 2012

    hello sandpup321

    I wonder ma ne namely

    does it also play netlog?

    if so can you please explain mirdas

    or does it make purely

    I would be very happy



  46. cheng0041
    Feb 17 2012

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  47. LeRoumain007
    Feb 17 2012

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  48. syufyand
    Feb 17 2012

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  49. WTF1233
    Feb 17 2012

    I? don’t find the thing on the right side where the URL is :(

  50. EbilinforcerDJ
    Feb 17 2012

    nice mac is perfect for? hacking

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